What is maskne?Maskne is a short form of mask acne know by its medical term as Acne mechanica. Its signs are acne-type spots, skin sensitivity, sore skin and even small lesions due to irritation caused by friction, heat, pressure, stretching and squeezing of the skin. It has become more widely known during the Covid-19 pandemic through the prolonged wearing of PPE and face masks.

How can I get rid of maskne?There is no single, topical cosmetic product that can claim to get rid of nor prevent maskne, or mask acne. However using a combination of skincare products such as natural, gentle facial cleansers, light soothing emulsions and soothing barrier balms can help relieve symptoms such as soreness and soreness. Pur Bojan has formulated a gentle

soothing salve. A magicalVersatile and comforting to the skin, it calms and heals irritation, soothes the sting of minor burns, helps heal cuts, tames mangled cuticles.This balm can be used to help reduce friction between the skin and the mask. Use it as your daytime protective skincare product or use it on top of your usual moisturizer. The slight hint of lavender scent adds a delicately aromatic touch.

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