What are you Skin goals?

Experience The luxury multitasking wonders in one pouch. A complete start-up kit care ritual for healthy, glowing skin. A customized skin routine just for you. A perfect solution for someone who wants to try the range or gift to someone special.  
Cleanse, soothe, hydrate, and protect your skin—the perfect amount for a time to see a transformation in your skin.
Trust nature, and fall in love with Pur Bojan. 
We offer Free full skin virtual or over the phone consultation with one of our Expert. 


Start-up Skin Ritual Kit

Skin type
  • -Luxury Botanical soap Bar 75g  or face cleanser 50ml ( suitable for your skin type )

    -Exfoliating scrub 30g  ( Prickly pear powder , Plumeria sugar scrub or Creamy beads ) suitable for your skin 

    -Toner 25 ml ideal for your skin type 

    -Face Mask  20g  ( Match green , Radiant rose, Moroccan lava or Prickly pear/ green clay ) suitable on your skin type 

    -Face Cream 20g  Ideal for your skin type 

    -Super Soft Silicone Face Cleanser , Mini spatula  and a complimentary eye cream sample.

    -A 100% Coton pouch                                                                                                  Optional Free virtual or over the phone consultation with one of our expert - Happy to answer all your questions 

  • Fusion Power Ritual *Ideal for Dry, Dehydrated Skin . your skin is crying out for moisture, feels overly sensitive, lacks elasticity and dullness, it’s time for help. Try our skin-food Fusion enriched with Shea butter and Argan. 

    *Graceful Aging * Youth Dew miracle helps correct all signs of aging for visibly younger, firmer-looking skin.

    *Rose Balance * Ideal for Oily Skin - Confort your skin with a hydrating yet balanced Routine if you wish to maintain a perfect and radiant look. 

    *Troubled Skin *Ideal for acne Prone, Troubled/Irritated, sensitive skin. A Gentle  Ritual to target breakout and help distressed to calm quickly without leaving dryness or scarring. Your skin will feel fresh, rosy, and smoother.

    *Brighten & Glow* Ideal hyper-pigmentation, dullness Diminish dark spots & uneven skin tone. Super Natural Brightening Essenceleaving the skin looking visibly more uniform and radiant.